post-title New Music: ABD – #BlackLivesMatter

New Music: ABD – #BlackLivesMatter

New Music: ABD – #BlackLivesMatter

New Music: ABD – #BlackLivesMatter

ABD (of Alphabetix) hitting the subject of #BlackLivesMatter right in the heart of Leeds!

Were you there?

Did you cameo on the video?

It’s a great track that sinks into the ears at the sound of the first note.

“In this song I argue that if you have been touched by Hiphop music and consider yourself part of the culture, then you have a duty to stand with the African American community. Racism and Police brutality are a very real problem both in the UK and the US. We cannot afford to leave it to a minority group to bring about change. We all need to get on board.” – ABD

Written by ABD. Produced by Double Deuce.

Filmed at the Black Lives Matter march in Leeds on 14th July 2016.

Rest In Peace, all of the many black people who have lost their lives at the hands of the Police.

ABD has now released his long awaited album, Alphabetical Disorder, available for free download!

Click here to check out the new ABD album!

This mixtape is a collection of tracks old and new from the former Alphabetix and 30 Tonne Slug emcee, ABD.

Protest songs, social commentary, tracks about relationships, and superlyrical bars over beats from Sonar Cousin, Jack Danz (Defenders of Style,) Bambooman, Spee 69, High Pressure Sound, Double Deuce, Dutty Hands and Cranky General (Irie Vibes Soundsystem,) Bridgens, Ben Davy and ABD.

Feature vocal appearances from Jack Danz (Defenders of Style,) Angel S (Alphabetix,) Ben Davy (Mishkin,) and Vanessa Rani. Feature cuts by Versatile.

released October 25, 2016

Artwork by Antho Close.
Photography by Hippie Alien Urbex.

Production credits:
Track 1: Sonar Cousin
Tracks 2&10: Jack Danz
Track 3: Bambooman
Tracks 4, 5, 6, 12 &14: ABD
Track 7: Kredible
Track 8: Dutty Hands&Cranky General
Track 9: High Pressure
Track 10: Bridgens
Track11: Double Deuce
Track 13: Spee 69
Track 15: Ben Davy

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