post-title What is Sock Monkey at Peaches & Cream?

What is Sock Monkey at Peaches & Cream?

What is Sock Monkey at Peaches & Cream?

What is Sock Monkey at Peaches & Cream?

Each year Peaches & Cream support ‘BLISS Leeds’ in providing a Sock Monkey for each baby at Christmas. Last year they only managed enough for the units at the LGI, St. James’ and the smaller Baby Units….but they would love to get enough for as many as they can.

Each Sock monkey is unique and hand created using new socks. Filled with 100% safety stuffing and sewn with loving care. All creations are CE certified and come with a label attached. Each monkey also has a special little birth certificate for you to complete. But you may stay anonymous if you like too!

Peaches & Cream are supporting this worthy cause and want YOU to name one of these lovely things!

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“Simply give the sock monkey a name between now and December 20th.
We will choose our favourite name with the winner receiving a free treatment or Peaches & Cream Gift Voucher.

Once the Monkey has been named Bliss will complete its Birth Certificate.

On Christmas eve the monkey will be gifted in a nice bag with its Birth Certificate and handed to a baby who will be spending their 1st Christmas on the Neonatal Unit in Leeds.

Most of these babies will have been born premature, with no warning, perhaps on Xmas Day so it’s a gift they will cherish.”

Below is the link to the company who organise this with and also a link to the Bliss Website as that is the charity that these monkey’s are from.


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