post-title The Branding boss Website is No More

The Branding boss Website is No More

The Branding boss Website is No More

The Branding boss Website is No More


I’m standing by what drives customers to businesses online and that is SOCIAL MEDIA.

Currently, we are on the cusp of every business across the country consistently needing their social media content designed and marketed professionally.

‘Online presence is much more than a website’
Don’t worry, I am not about to tell you to delete your website, I am going to tell you why I won’t lose any business though.

‘Impulse, impatience and living in the now’

When people visit a website the one thing they do is stay there for a very short time unless the content is interesting, relative to their mood at that moment and/or inviting.

Website browsing is a lonely place, a place which may harbour old or fake reviews, out of date content and a place which can hide the demise of a once great business.

‘Social media is buzzing and has no hiding place for bad businesses’

The majority of ideas and influences present day come from ladies trawling Instagram/Pinterest and the only reviews people care about are those on Facebook, Amazon or a Which? Trusted Traders type website.

Not by searching through bucket loads of Google images and not by searching through pages of text listings on Google where there is no immediate visual appearance.

Why would anyone want to search through text listings these days, then have to click a link, arrive at a website they don’t know to then search through that website and see if they have or sell a particular product by a particular brand, then send a message through the contact form and wait for a response?

Why would they? Well… truth is, they can’t be arsed doing that.

So how do the growing majority act you ask!

They search hashtags or keywords in the social media platforms, find loads of cool images/ideas, ask the people behind the social media profile a question relating to price/availability by posting a comment or sending a direct message and voila, they have exactly what they want… they tap a button and buy that item through PayPal (or other if people can be bothered inputting their credit card details).

Alternatively they send a link to someone saying ‘I’m interested in this’ to a friend or family member or take a screenshot to reference at a later date.

You see, the user may end up on your website but I guarantee that 8 times out of 10, they found what they wanted on social media, the place that never sleeps, the place where the people are.

Now ask yourself… are you where you need to be?

A quick rundown on Google:

Google, the name that is on our lips when we need a question answering or an old instruction manual. The place that wowed us with maps, images and fast page 1 results that made us believe everything we read.

Here’s some truth for you, Google, SEO, Advertising on Google … it’s dying.

It is losing out to Facebook and even Instagram for cheap but effective advertising. Placing an advertisement on Google will become very expensive in the future, it has to, it can’t compete.

Social media is where the people are, why wait for someone to search for you and your business when you can remind your audiences every day for a small amount of money or lots of effort.

You know when you get told ‘I never knew you was here’ .. and you’ve been around for 10 years. Well that is the Google effect.

Don’t be forgotten, ever, be ever-present on social media. Stand out on social media with Branding boss.


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