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ABD (Leeds Based Hip-Hop Artist)

ABD (Leeds Based Hip-Hop Artist)

ABD, also known as Daddy Abe, is a well-respected Hip-Hop rapper and producer based in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Displaying an array of talent bringing a Biblical message of liberation over quality production. Protest songs, social commentary, tracks about relationships, religion and politics along with super lyrical bars over brilliant beats, ABD does it all!

“I started doing vocals as a kid, simply because we didn’t have a singer in our band and someone had to do it! As a lover of Hip-Hop from an early age, MCing was a natural progression (circa 2000.)

In 2002 I met Mr Ris, and Alphabetix was born. This was the crew that I came to live and breathe for the following 8 years. Angel S joined soon after. In the early days Mr V was our DJ, and later on it was Sir Plus.

In 2003 I moved in with housemate DJ Leach (aka DJ Versatile.) We created the 118 Soundsystem, and local hiphop night Vinyl Frontier. In 2006 we released a 12” named “Beached.”

At the same time as all this, I was playing in a funk band called Nu York State, run by Danny Gough. He ran another monthly night, also named Nu York State. We also gigged up and down the country for several years, in a wide variety of clubs and venues. Nu York State released an album entitled “Driving” and a subsequent EP.

For a year or so I was the resident MC/ host for a dubstep night called Uprooted.

Mr Ris, Angel S and myself briefly ran our own independent record label, named 30 Tonne Slug. Besides “Alphabetical Etiquette,” “Alphabetix Anonymous” and the “Beached” 12″, we put out an E.P for Verbal Contact (Prys from Defenders of Style, Matter and Sonar Cousin) entitled “Literary Vices.”

I was a member of Leeds collective/super crew, Northern Hostility, which released the “Bad Language” mixtape in 2007. At the same time I was writing and performing with reggae fusion band Roon Bokka (which later evolved into the Root One Band.)

For a time I performed with improv house band Monkey See Monkey Do. I got to perform and record with Luke Flowers of the Cinematic Orchestra.

In 2009 I reluctantly entered the Golden Mic Challenge, to make up numbers as somebody had dropped out. 12 MCs entered, and competed over 3 nights. We were judged not only on battling, but also on pre-written verses, freestyling (based on words shouted out from the crowd and written on flip charts) and cypher skills. It was a nice surprise to be crowned champion by Blade on the last night!

Between 2009 and 2011, I made a solo album that I nearly finished. Towards the end of the project I decided I wanted to do something completely different and abandoned the whole thing.

From 2012 to 2014, I worked on my first solo album to be released: “From Alpha To Omega.” now released on my own label, Raised Records… God willing!”

Click Here To Download The New ABD Album, Alphabetical Disorder!





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1 Peter 4:10: “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied Grace.” (ESV)  It’s been said that God gives us our skills to edify, lift up and empower others. In our culture – not least hiphop culture – it is common for people to use their skills to edify, lift up and empower themselves at other people’s expense.  I’m not here to judge anybody. I’m just here to tell you the Good News.  The head honcho of the entire universe loves you! He is for you! Jesus has died to save you. You don’t have to do (or not do) anything to earn that – it’s finished! You can have heaven on earth, and in the afterlife!  Just have faith in Christ. You can do everything Jesus could do; and if you don’t know what Jesus could do I urge you to read the New Testament of the Bible.

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